Services provided


In particular, TRANSLATION SERVICES include the following:

  • Technical texts (studies, project descriptions, technical specifications, websites etc.);
  • Legal texts (contracts, articles of associations, lawsuits, extra-judicial notices, deeds of incorporation etc.);
  • Financial texts (financial statements, analysis, various financial documentation etc.);
  • Medical texts (medical certificates, tomography findings, medical publications etc.);
  • Literary work (literature, tourist guides etc.).

Erminevein” engages also in INTERPRETATION SERVICES, which comprises:

  • Conference interpreting;
  • Consecutive interpreting.

“Erminevein” provides interpretation services in various political, trade or scientific conferences requiring use of specialized terminology.

Moreover, in cooperation with distinguished linguist attorneys, “Erminevein” undertakes the translation and certification on behalf of its customers of any documentation filed with public organizations or with the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection, including certificates of any kind, educational documentation, medical opinions, court decisions, powers of attorney, contracts, articles of association etc.

Last but not least, we provide our customers with TYPING AND TEXT EDITING SERVICES.

“Erminevein” is fully equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems, telecommunication and fax equipment etc. and possesses a large variety of bilingual and monolingual dictionaries.